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Screen Replacement Parts

WSG & Solutions, Inc. is your OEM source for genuine aftermarket parts and support for your wastewater screen.  

We understand the value of knowledge and have invested in acquiring the largest library of original design records for a wide variety of popular headworks systems that have been installed over the past 100-years.  These origin records enable us to deliver the same expertise, designs, and parts that legacy equipment operators have come to expect to keep their systems operating.   

We offer a variety of parts in stock and can manufacture virtually any part to perfectly fit your system by leveraging our extensive OEM design record library.   

Contact us for the following common screen parts: chains, sprockets, rakes, bearings. wearbars, wiper blades, drive components & switches and all fabricated parts.

Order replacement parts

We provide genuine OEM parts for the following brands:

  • Dual Stream Perforated Screen
  • Dual Stream Filter Screen
  • Envirex (REX) Series 1000 Chain & Rake Screen
  • Envirex (REX) Standard Duty Chain & Rake Screen
  • Envirex (REX) Heavy Duty Front Clean Chain & Rake Screen
  • Envirex (REX) Heavy Duty Back Clean Chain & Rake Screen
  • FMC Cog Rake Screen Model GA
  • FMC Cog Rake Screen Model GB
  • FMC Cog Rake Screen Model GBD
  • Guardian Fine Screen
  • Link-Belt Disc Screen
  • Link-Belt Drum Screen
  • Link-Belt Tritor Screen
  • Link-Belt Heavy-Duty Thru-Clean Screen
  • Link-Belt 2-Rope Screen
  • Link-Belt 4-Rope Screen
  • Link-Belt Catenary Screen
  • Steelguard Screen