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Grit Removal System Replacement Parts

WSG & Solutions, Inc., is your OEM source for genuine aftermarket parts and support for your grit removal system.

We understand the value of knowledge and have invested in acquiring the largest library of original design records for a wide variety of popular grit removal systems that have been installed over the past 100-years.  These design records enable us to deliver the same expertise, designs, and parts that legacy equipment operators have come to expect to keep their systems operating.

We offer a variety of parts in stock and can re-manufacture virtually any part to perfectly fit your system by leveraging our extensive OEM design record library.

Order replacement parts

We provide genuine OEM parts for the following brands:

  • Air Lift Pumps
  • Chicago Pump Swingfuser Hoist
  • Chicago Pump Swingfuser Aerator
  • Diffusers – Coarse Air
  • GritGuard DIRECT
  • Grit Screws
  • Link-Belt® Type AS
  • Link-Belt® Type ASB
  • Link-Belt® Type ASP
  • Link-Belt® Aer-Degritter
  • Link-Belt® Grit Classifier Model SW
  • Link-Belt® Grit Classifier Model SW-C
  • Link-Belt® Type B Grit Collector
  • Link-Belt® Type CS Grit Collector
  • Link-Belt® Type S Grit Collector
  • REX® (Envirex) Chain & Bucket
  • REX® (Envirex) Chain & Scraper