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Guardian® Fine Screen

The Guardian® Fine Screen is a self-contained, front cleaned chain and rake bar screen, specifically developed to provide outstanding performance for a wide range of screening requirements. The design includes a stainless-steel frame, high-strength stainless steel bushed roller chain and replaceable non-metallic sprocket tooth segments mounted on stainless steel hubs. Stainless steel carrying rakes include removable tooth segments. The stainless-steel boot design includes a removable bottom mounting plate with integral inlet ramp/bar rack support, designed to capture virtually all channel debris. The simple, low profile, compact head section contains a stainless-steel wiper assembly and heavy-duty ball bearing take-ups. This unique and innovative product, and the design concepts utilized, is the result of over 100 years of screening experience.

As influent flow passes through the stainless-steel bar rack assembly, debris is captured and elevated to the discharge point by rotating chains with multiple cleaning rakes. Discharged debris can be captured in screening bins, belt-conveyors, screw compactors or screw transfer conveyors.

All screens are fully factory tested prior to shipment and designed to operate at regular intervals 24 hrs. per day. Controls are custom designed and provided for each application. A float switch or differential control can also be provided to override timers and initiate the cleaning cycle. Screens can be provided as either fixed or pivoting mountings.


  • All stainless steel, robust construction
  • Adjustable torque overload feature with auto-reset
  • Variable speed option for varying flow conditions
  • High strength, stainless steel bushed roller chain
  • Direct drive with low profile, compact head section
  • Pivoting design available


  • Channel depths; up to 35-ft
  • Channel widths: 2′-0″ to 10′-0″
  • Bar rack spacing ¼” and larger


  • Municipal wastewater
  • Pump stations
  • Fresh water intake
  • Pulp & paper
  • Food processing


WSG & Solutions, Inc., is your OEM source for genuine Guardian® Fine Screen aftermarket parts and support. We stock Guardian® Fine Screen parts to ensure quick delivery and have the expertise and design records to provide rebuilds or retrofits to ensure the long-term operation of your screen.

Contact us for the following common Guardian® Fine Screen parts: chain, attachment links, head and foot shaft sprockets, stub shafts, wiper blades, chain track wear bars, rake teeth, drive assemblies, electric components and ALL fabricated parts.

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