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Biogest Vacuum Flushing System Type MF

The Biogest MF Vacuum Flushing System from WSG & Solutions, Inc. is the most advanced flushing technology which eliminates the need for any in-tank components or maintenance such as seal scraping and replacement typically associated with flushing gates. The Vacuum Flushing System is suitable for circular or rectangular CSO storm overflow tanks, retention basins, equalization tanks and sewer storage systems.

System Operation – Filling
When a storm occurs, the combined sewage and rainwater spills into the storage chamber and rises above the water level of the inlet to the flushing system.

The vacuum pump starts automatically drawing water from the storage chamber into the flushing chamber. Once the maximum level in the flush chamber is reached the vacuum pump stops and flush water is held indefinitely.

System Operation – Flushing
When a storm subsides and the storage chamber empties, sludge and other sewage related debris is left on the chamber floor.

Once the tank is empty the flushing sequence starts automatically. The large volume of water surges from the flushing chamber removing all the solids from the chamber floor.


  • All component parts are above the tank 
  • No confined space entry is required for system maintenance
  • Ability to completely flush tank even if only partially full
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Utilizes storm water as flushing media to avoid using potable water
  • System does not impinge on storage volume, keeping tank size to a minimum
  • Flushing system can be used as central support for the tank roof in circular tank installations


  • Rectangular tanks: 30′ wide x 300′ long + capacity per lane
  • Circular tanks: >150′ diameter
  • Sewer lines: >500′ flush length per system


  • Stormwater overflow tanks
  • CSO stormwater storage tanks
  • Sewage storage systems
  • Retention tanks


WSG & Solutions, Inc., is your OEM source for genuine Biogest MF Vacuum Flushing System aftermarket parts and support. We stock common parts to ensure quick delivery and have the expertise and design records to provide rebuilds or retrofits to ensure the long-term operation of your system.

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