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ThruClean Bar Screen
Link-Belt® Thru-Clean Bar Screen

Link-Belt® Thru-Clean bar screens feature downstream-side cleaning for jam-free operation, and have a "clean-from-the-back" design for complete, efficient removal of trash and large solids from industrial and municipal wastewater.

All mechanical components (chains, rakes and sprockets) are located on the down-stream side of the bar rack and protected by the bar rack.

Features and Benefits
  • Simple, rugged construction and positive wiping action ensure trouble-free performance with practically no maintenance beyond removal of screenings from the trough.
  • The vertical position of screen reduces amount of floor space needed.
  • A floating bar rack minimizes the possibility of obstructions jamming between the bars. The rake enters the bar rack from the downstream side at the lowest point of the channel, ensuring positive engagement.
  • Min Channel Width: 2'0"
  • Max Channel Width: 10'0"
  • Min Bar Space: 3/4"
  • Max Depth: 40'0" - *Consult WSG for Deeper Applications*
  • Max Rake Spacing: 16'0"