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Envirex Series 1000 Bar Screen
Envirex Series 1000 Bar Screen™

With all stainless steel construction, the Envirex Series 1000™ bar screens are designed to replace manual bar racks, comminutors, grinders, or older carbon steel mechanically cleaned bar screens, as well as new applications.

The Envirex Series 1000™ bar screen has a compact profile and reduced weight design that allows for ease of installation, even when the opening size is restricted. The screen is completely enclosed above the floor. Maintenance and cleaning is facilitated by removable access panels, stainless steel construction and nonmetallic chain and sprockets.

Features and Benefits
  • Discharge height is convenient for a screenings container.
  • All untis have both pivoted and fixed position capability.
  • Take-up bearings, nonmetallic chain and simple wiper make maintenance easier.
  • Available bar openings of: 1",¾, ½, 3/8", and ¼
  • Intrigal compactor
  • Screen by-pass door