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Screw Compactor
Screw Compactor

The WSG & Solutions screw compactors are designed for long life and ease of maintenance. The compactors will significantly reduce the volume of screenings, increase the solids content of the screenings and reduce the overall weight of the screenings. The compactors will conform to the EPA paint filter testing requirements. All of the components used in the design meet CEMA standards..

Screenings are introduced to the compactor via an inlet hopper assembly. As the screw rotates, the material is dewatered as it is moved across the perforated plate zone and into the compacting zone where gravity and surface friction react to force additional water from the screenings. The resulting compacted plug is then conveyed out of the discharge of the screw. The screw conveyor is closely fitted to an adjustable perforated plate zone, to aid in effective cleaning, screenings transfer and compaction. The perforated zone is fully housed in a 10 gauge formed stainless steel sheet metal drain pan assembly. Inlet hoppers and supports can be made to fit most headworks configurations.

  • Heat Tracing
  • Bagger Attachment
  • Explosion Proof Motor
  • Sensing of Drive Shaft Motion
  • Wash Module