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Link Belt GA Barscreen
Link-Belt® GA Bar Screen

The Cog Rake Bar Screen operates under the most extreme conditions, eliminating the need for manual cleaning of the bar rack. It removes large debris from the waste stream more efficiently than other types of bar screens. The drive system and all moving parts are located above the max water level in the channel, but the carriage can be designed if required to be submergible with our patented motor enclosure system.

The Cog Rake Bar Screen can be designed with a complete non-lube system, which includes the cog wheel, pin rack and guide rollers. With this system maintenance is greatly reduced. The screen can be designed for new construction or can be designed to fit an existing channel. Each screen is fully assembled and tested before shipping and is shipped assembled, unless shipping limitation or special installation requirements dictate otherwise.

Features and Benefits
  • There are no obstructions in the channel except the bar rack
  • Positive engagement of the rake teeth into the bar rack
  • Large debris capacity
  • Widths: 1'6” thru 12'0”; Bar Openings: 3/8”+; Depths: To Suit Application; Screening Angle: 60° to 85°
  • Max speed of 40 FPM
  • All operating mechanisms are located above the operating floor
  • Patented air entrapped motor enclosure
  • Involute gear for smooth operation in heat treated carbon steel or non-metallic
  • Patented optional guide
  • Individually replaceable rollers and bushings for the pin rack in carbon steel, stainless steel or non-metallic
  • Units can be manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Patented easily adjustable pin rack provides simple & easy adjustment