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HFR - High Flow Rate Grit Washer
Link-Belt® HFR - High Flow Rate Grit Washer

The HFR's tremendous performance is accomplished effectively by immediately redirecting the inlet stream to create predictable flow patterns which promote rapid separation and settling of solids. The heavy inorganic grit is forced to settle and in turn be conveyed by the screw discharge while lighter organics are carried over the front discharge weir to be returned to the treatment process flow. Dual adjustable weirs are standard.

The heart of the design is the specially designed interior baffle assembly. The compact flow redirecting inlet distribution assembly, diffusion and discharge plates make up the baffle assembly and are fully removable from the unit for ease of maintenance and access to the screw.

Features and Benefits
  • 95% Removal Efficiency of 100 Mesh Grit Particles (150 Micron)
  • Non--Lube "Posi-Seal" External Bearing (Patent Pending)
  • Inverter Duty Motors for Variable Frequency Drive Controllers Available
  • Designs vailable for 150 mesh removal
  • Flows to 400 GPM
  • *Patented Design*