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GritGuard Direct Grit Removal System
GritGuard Direct Grit Removal System

Are you having trouble with grit fines settling out in your down stream process? Introducing the latest design in superior grit removal technology. GritGuard Direct Grit Removal System (Diffused Inlet Redirected Energy Chamber Technology)

Capable of 80% removal of 150 mesh grit and 95% of 100 mesh grit. Features complete packaged systems and is ideal for small plants. Flows from .25 MGD to 10 MGD and there is no submerged mechanical equipment requiring maintenance. Has small overall system footprint with low cost tank construction requirements.

Features and Benefits
  • Controlled velocity chamber design utilizing diffusion and redirectional baffling provide for optimum results
  • Tank configuration and baffle designs significantly reduce short circuiting
  • Ability to deliver high efficiency removal under a wide range of flow conditions
  • Diffused air to provide equal detention period of all portions of the flow Handles flows up to 10 MGD with small footprint
  • Design flexibility to suit multiple applications and larger flows
  • No submerged mechanical equipment or servicing requirements
  • No wearing parts
  • Simple tank design with low construction costs
  • Can utilize both grit removal pumps or airlifts