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Cog Rake Bar Screen

The Link-Belt® Cog Rake Bar Screen operates under the most extreme conditions, eliminating the need for manual cleaning of the bar rack. It removes large debris more efficiently than other screens on the market.

On the Cog rake bar screen all drive machinery components are located above the water level, reducing corrosion and maintenance costs.
Type GA cog rakes have the guide shaft above the drive shaft and are for use in channel widths up to 12 ft. and water depth up to 9 ft.
Type GB cog rakes have the guide shaft below the drive shaft and are for channels from 4 to 12 ft. wide and water depth more than 9 ft. deep.
A variation of this is the GBD cog rakes with dual drives and the ability to handle the large debris at high flow rates of storm flow applications in channels from 12 to 30 ft. wide.

Features and Benefits
  • Large debris capacity achieved by a positively engaged wiping mechanism and an 11” deep rake.
  • Ensuring that moving parts are not submerged during normal operation guarantees lower maintenance.
  • All screens are shop wired, assembled and factory tested for quality assurance.
  • Parts are available in carbon or stainless steel for long, trouble-free service life.
  • Rugged, jam-proof construction.
  • A shield prevents water from entering the motor enclosure insuring continued screen operation under the most severe conditions.
  • Versatile operation and installation; easily retrofit or designed into new facilities.
  • Available non-lube systems have eliminated greasing of the bushings, rollers, and gear surfaces.