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Catenary Bar Screen
Link-Belt® Catenary Bar Screens

Link-Belt® Catenary bar screens are chain and rake screens without sprockets, bearings or shafts below the water. They are rugged and reliable.

Catenary bar screens are frequently used in unattended applications where the debris loads can be heavy and varied.

Features and Benefits
  • All sprockets, bearings and shafts are located above the water level, reducing the potential for damage and corrosion and facilitating maintenance.
  • The rakes positively engage the bars by the catenary action of the chains. Because the chains are not guided, the rakes can ride over an obstacle without jamming or overloading.
  • Excellent choice for industrial applications such as Pulp & Paper mills
  • Simple, trouble free design
  • Various Materials of Construction Available
  • Max Channel Width: 30'0"
  • Min Bar Spacing: 3/4"
  • Max Depth: 80'0" - *Consult WSG for deeper applications*