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4 Rope Bar Screen
Link-Belt® 4-Rope Bar Screens

The Heavy Duty 4-Rope Bar Screen is a fixed bar rack, cable type front cleaned screen. As flow passes through the screen, debris is captured against the bar rack. The debris is then removed by the rake teeth that engage into the bar rack, and lifts the debris up to the discharge point were a wiper deposits it into a sorting tray, compactor, grinder, conveyor or container.

Because of its heavy duty cable design, this screen is ideal for deep channel applications. The rake travel can also be adjusted to meet varying channel conditions.

When the rake is in the rest position, there are no mechanical components in front of the bar rack that might accumulate debris.

All mechanical components, including the drive mechanism & rake assembly, can be maintained and serviced from the operating floor without dewatering the channel.

Features and Benefits
  • Low Head Room Required
  • No Submerged Bearings, Sprockets or Chains
  • Channel Depths up to 100'-0"
  • Unit is Capable of Digging into Grit
  • 1'6" Radius Rake
  • Max Channel Width: 12'0"
  • Rack Openings: 1/2"+
  • 3/8" Cables
  • Specifically suited for verticle applications